Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

* NO text or images may be re-used or reproduced without prior permission.

* If you wish to use any images or text, contact the webmaster.

* Any information you submit through Campbelltown Theatre Group Inc. web site will be held in the strictest confidence. In no way will your personal information ever be used without your consent.

* By registering on Campbelltown Theatre Group's website you are agreeing to receive e-mail from time to time detailing the latest news and information about the Group and any special offers or events coming up that may be restricted to registered members only.

* Be assured that we do not sell our name and address list. Should you wish to no longer be a registered member, simply login to the site and check the 'Cancel' box on the 'My Details' page.

* The only information we automatically collect is that related to the use of our website. This information is anonymous and is gathered through our servers' log files. These log files record generic information, such as the number of visits our website receives and the number of tickets sold per performance per production, but never personal information. This log file information allows us to better determine our patrons' preferences and schedule productions that will appeal to the wider general audience.

* At no time do we collect, store or distribute your credit card information. We only receive notification of your booking and the fact that payment has been made and approved.

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