Cant Pay Wont Pay

Yearly Productions  /  2014  /  Cant Pay Wont Pay

Can't Pay Won't pay


Dario Fo’s knockabout comedy Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay! has been entertaining audiences around the world for decades - a witty and fun-filled romp, it is as politically relevant today as when it first appeared on stage in 1974.

Caught in the midst of an impromptu rebellion at the local supermarket, put-upon housewives Antonia and Margherita are swept along in a protest against the escalating cost of living. The supermarket shelves are ransacked as the protestors go wild in the aisles liberating whatever they can lay their hands on and conceal about their persons. But the long arm of the law is in hot pursuit, and if the two women and their hapless husbands Giovanni and Luigi aren’t careful it won’t just be the goods that are nicked. You will remember this comedy next time you shop and giggle each time you reach for that tin of beans!!!!


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Cast & Crew

Sharon Palmer
Amber van Dusen
Lee Copp
Trevor Burdon
Policeman / Inspector / Undertaker / Old man
Mark Eaves
Gordon Jowsey
Kirsten Burdon
Greg Taylor
David Cascarino 
 PROPS Cassie Palmer 
  Angela Cascarino

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