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Tony Award-winning musical RENT is coming to Campbelltown. This production is one of the most popular and successful musicals in Broadway history and Campbelltown Theatre Group’s first time show casing the musical.  Offering an insight into the lives of street kids, this musical is about friendship, love and trust, a modern take off from the Opera ‘La Boheme’.  Although based in the 1990’s it is still relevant to today’s society and will relate to young adults of today giving them a way of understanding where they’re coming from and where they’re going. It’s entertaining and teaches us there is no day but today!

Rehearsal Images

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Cast & Crew

Mark James Hatcher
Rodger Chris Glynn
Mimi Sophy Carol
Collins Ash Toweel
Angel Brendan Cascarino
Joanne Kirsten Burdon
Maureen Hanna Hyeronimus
Benny Nathan McKenna
Ensemble Anthony Glynn
Matthew Sly
Cameron Meikle
Sarah Smith
Lauren Walker
Katie Glynn
Anna Svidron
Hannah Crichton
Casey Campbell
Amy Newcombe
Auroa Sanfilippo
Tabitha Hudson
Director Ruth Smith
MD Craig Davidson
AD Mary Wallace
Choreographer Rob Thompson
Costumes Chris Snell
Stage manager Shona Wallace
Set Builder Bob Smith
Props Sharon and Cassie Palmer
Lights Greg Taylor
Sound Dave Cascarino
Ticket Seller Nicki James
Production Assistant Pauline Barton
Front of House Manager

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